What makes our milk the BEST???  


Local, grassfed, pasture grazed, low-temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized creamline milk...and products made from that milk.


It is low-temperature pasteurized and NON-homogenized making it the closest you can get legally to raw milk, without it being raw.

    It's old fashioned milk.  Milk the way it used to be before dirty farming practices and government agencies got involved.  Simply put, it's the BEST kind of milk!    

Our milk is cream line milk, meaning, the cream rises to the top just how nature intended it.  Give it a shake before drinking.

    Our milk is NOT raw.  It is pasteurized just enough to kill any harmful bacteria that could potentially* be in the milk, but leave all the beneficial bacteria that modern processes destroy.  This results in the healthiest AND tastiest milk possible.    
    Read our milk FAQ located under MILK STORAGE above for more in-depth information.    

It comes from a local family run farm where the cows graze on nothing but grass and sunshine all year long.


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Check back often!


Our milk is 100% pure, comes straight from the cow and contains NO artificial growth hormones, artificial colors, dies, or additives of any kind.


But above all the else, the TASTE is the BEST!!

    *We believe that with proper farming practices and farmers that treat their animals with respect, the amount of harmful substances found in the milk is greatly reduced.    

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